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HAN Conservancy Tourism Award for KRL

The Conservancy Tourism Award recognises the special partnership, or joint venture, between a private sector Lodge and a communal Conservancy.

The Hospitality Association of Namibia and the Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations instituted the award in 2011 to celebrate such partnerships which are seen to be making a significant contribution to their Conservancy by means of tourism.

Tourists in Namibia quite rightly seek something extra special. The vast landscapes and free-roaming wildlife set the scene, but many visitors want

more - to meet Namibians and experience their lifestyle. A true joint venture Lodge establishes a close relationship with its Conservancy based upon trust, respect and mutual understanding. It's also a business relationship, with the Conservancy granting access to land and providing eco-services such as game-guarding, while the Lodge offers employment and contributes an agreed share of its turnover to the Conservancy.

In awarding the prize, HAN and NACSO acknowledged that Kunene River Lodge more than meets the review committee's criteria. Furthermore, the Lodge is seen to "celebrate its relationship with Kunene River Conservancy" on its website pages. Thanks to the Conservancy, significant numbers of rare black-faced Impala, and other mammal species have been translocated into the area for mutual benefit.

Many Guests are keen to meet the Himba people, known for their beauty, traditional lifestyle and love of privacy. The Conservancy members are predominantly Himba and the Lodge has developed excellent relationships with nearby Kraals (homesteads), to enable friendly, informal and non-intrusive tourist visits to meet local people.

The Lodge is a primary source of income to Kunene River Conservancy and provides employment to Conservancy residents. Key tourist attractions at the Lodge include river trips, and local staff have been trained in river guiding.

Pete and Hillary Morgan with the Kunene River Conservancy Chairman at the Awards Ceremony >