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Driving by Road to Kunene River Lodge

The tarred 'black-top' main roads (numbered B1 etc.) are generally very good and rarely busy. Long distances can be covered quickly (limit 120km/hr), but never under-estimate the time required, allowing for stops and delays.

Secondary roads are mainly gravel, usually high standard, and relatively easy to drive, but at slower speeds (recommended limit 80km/hr).

Useful driving information may be found on-line at Desert Car Hire.

The black-tops extend north from Windhoek to Opuwo, and from the north-east to Ruacana Falls. From Opuwo, the road is good gravel except for the last 4km which are a bit rough, but driveable with care in a 2x4 vehicle.

From the south, approach Opuwo via the C35 and C41. FILL FUEL TANK IN OPUWO, then take the D3700 north and west, as far as Epembe, where a right turn (north) is sign-posted to Swartbooisdrift (Lodge sign-posted).

From the east (Ruacana), the road has recently been improved and may now be driven in a 2x4 vehicle with reasonable clearance.**
Approach Ruacana (C46). TOP-UP FUEL IN RUACANA.
Continue west along the C46, past Ruacana Falls (dam / power station). After the transition from tar to gravel, a steep rocky hill needs care. Continue to the Lodge (sign-posted).
** During or after rain, this road may not be suitable for 2x4 vehicles.

From the west (Epupa Falls), the road is strictly 4x4, dry season only.
Allow 8 - 10 hours, ideally in 2 vehicles, and carry spares, tyres and water!

Warning: Some computer generated routes to Kunene River Lodge suggest driving into Angola and back again. This is impossible - no vehicle river crossings in the vicinity!
Some on-line maps are also unreliable for driving in Namibia (wrong road numbers, etc.)
Adequate road maps are available (sometimes free) from petrol stations or Lodges.
Better still, use a quality printed map such as Tracks4Africa - also available on-line.