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Location of Kunene River Lodge

Namibia is a huge country. Its capital, Windhoek is situated almost precisely at the centre point, high up in the mountains, and will be the starting point for most visitors arriving from afar.

Kunene River Lodge is located at the north-western extremity of Namibia, nearly as far as it could possibly be from Windhoek. The Lodge is actually situated on the bank of the Kunene River, 100km east of Epupa Falls and 50km west of Ruacana Falls. Although it is possible to complete the road journey from Windhoek in one day, during daylight, if you encounter no problems, this is not recommended. It is advisable to break the journey with at least one, preferably two overnight stops. Better still plan a circular itinerary to take in stops which are manageable distances from each other. Have a look at our Partners list and their location map for ideas.

Flying is a simpler, and in many ways far better way, to get around Namibia, getting an aerial view of the spectacular landscape as you go. Although a fast, twice-daily flight is available from Windhoek to Ondangwa in the central north, hiring a car there may not be as convenient as in the capital.

The ideal solution is to charter an aircraft and use local airstrips such as ours at Swartbooisdrift, just 12km from Kunene River Lodge. This will also allow personalising the route to optimise your aerial sight-seeing.

We offer transfers from and to Swartbooisdrift airstrip.

Cell phone coverage now extends to Opuwo and Ruacana (no further).