Using the Swartbooisdrift airstrip near Kunene River Lodge


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Travelling by Air to Kunene River Lodge

Although you must make the effort to hire or charter a flight, travelling to Kunene River Lodge by air has several significant advantages.

You get to spend the maximum possible time at Kunene River Lodge.

You may tailor your flight to suit your requirements.
  Why not make a scenic / photographic detour, or a stop on the way?

You avoid the cost of car hire and driving on isolated untarred roads.

To arrange your flight you will need to contact an appropriate company which will require the following information to locate Kunene River Lodge:-.

Kunene River Lodge co-ordinates: S17° 21' .244 E013° 52' .874

Please ensure that the booking office knows the estimated time of arrival.
Pilots should buzz Kunene River Lodge on arrival if ETA not already passed to Lodge.

Swartbooisdrift airstrip co-ordinates: S17° 24' .184 E013° 49' .833

Elevation 2,500ft  •  Length: 1200m  •  Direction: 09/27
Surface: Compacted sand  •  Usually best to land on 09 and depart off 27

Caution: Animals and people often on runway.
Old disused military airfield 3nm south of field. Do not mistake for Swartbooisdrift runway.