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Birding in and around Kunene River Lodge

Unlike the wild animals and game which suffered so seriously during the war from the 1960s to 1988, birdlife has continued to flourish in this otherwise largely unspoilt north-west corner of Namibia.

Kunene River Lodge is a birding 'hotspot' and the species count is now approaching 300 including a remarkable number of endemic sightings, most notably the Angolan Cave Chat, recently sighted for the first time in southern Africa (September 2012) and now the object of a guided birding trip with Pete Morgan.

Of considerable interest, and principal among the endemics, are the Cinderella Waxbill and Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush. The Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush breeds well in the grounds of Kunene River Lodge, whilst the first Cinderella nest to be found in the wild was discovered close to the lodge in June 2008. Subsequently five chicks were successfully raised.

We frequently organise guided mid-day birding walks with a very high likelihood of sighting the Cinderella Waxbills, although a sighting cannot be guaranteed. Please enquire, if you are keen to arrange a guided trip to sight the Angolan Cave Chat.

Remember, because the area is sparsely populated and comparitively 'less-travelled', you may make some really exciting sightings or discover something quite out of the ordinary ! ! !

Diary of Significant Sightings